Switzerland officially the Swiss Confederation, is a mountainous Central European country, home to numerous lakes, villages and the high peaks of the Alps. Be it a leisure holiday, solo backpacking trip, or a romantic honeymoon, Switzerland mountains have a proposition for everyone. Whether you’re visiting Switzerland in summer or winter, you’ll find no end to outdoor activities. The towering Alps are covered in snow no matter what season, along with crystal-clear lakes, quaint little villages, crystal clear lakes, and rolling hills. Plus, a whole lot of chocolate and cheese!

Best time to visit Switzerland

Depends partly on why you're going there. If you're going for the skiing, then winter is the best time to visit. For mountain hiking, summer is best, as it's warm even high up in the mountains. April and June are your best choice. You'll still find some snow if you arrive early in this period, and warm days if you arrive later on. Temperatures vary between 15 and 22 degrees Celsius, and you'll get a bit of rain, but you'll also see long days with plenty of sunshine, perfect for hiking and sightseeing

Interesting facts about Switzerland

·       They Have Four National Languages French (20.4%), German (64%), Italian (6.5%), and Romansh (just a little over 1%).

·       More banks than Dentist

·       Owns Lots of Guns, but Has the Lowest Crime Rates

·       They Make & Eat a Lot of Chocolate

·       Military service is compulsory

·       Biggest nuclear bunker in the world